Step by Step

“A good yoga teacher can explain—step by step, without skipping any steps and without requiring blind faith—how standing around in funny poses on a yoga mat leads to enlightenment.”

~Eric Walrabenstien, author of Waging Inner Peace

How does standing around in funny shapes on a little yoga mat lead to enlightenment and what is enlightenment anyway?  Enlightenment is yoga-speak for freedom.  Freedom from what?  It’s finding freedom from the false concepts that you and others believe about yourself.  Freedom from all of the things you believe about yourself that you are not.  So, how does standing around, touching your toes and breathing have anything to do with that?  How does it work?

The Steps

    • Yoga poses make us a little uncomfortable.
      • My legs are really stiff and sore!
      • Ugh, I hate this pose!
      • Am I doing this pose right?
      • I hope no one is looking at me . . . .
    • We use breath to find ease with that discomfort.
      • I feel tightness in the legs, not a problem.  It’s just sensation.  Breathe.
      • I remember hating this pose.  Still not my favorite.  Feel the stretch.  Breathe.
      • Not so awkward now, feel the arms, a little shaky today.  Breathe.
      • Eyes open.  Eyes closed.  Feels the same.  Breathe.
    • Our relationship with discomfort begins changing both on and off the mat.
      • I have to talk the boss.  Feeling tightness in the chest.  It’s just like tightness in the legs.  Breathe.
      • Ugh, it’s Joe.  Still not my favorite.  No need to get edgy with Joe.  Breathe.
      • Why can’t I ever do anything right?  I feel so unsure.  I feel shaky.  Oh, yeah!  Breathe.
      • Life is so hard.  It just feels so hard.  Just feel it.  Breathe.
    • We stop reacting to life and, instead, begin responding with appropriate action.
      • Life is just one yoga posture after another.  Breathe.
      • Can I move deeper into this pose, this moment of life?  Breathe.
      • Do I need to back out of this pose?  How can I look at this situation differently?  Breathe.
      • Is it time to take a break?  Do I need to move on and come back to this later?  Breathe.
    • We begin living a life that creates more stillness and peace.
      • Breathe.
      • Breathe.
      • Breathe.
      • Breathe.
    • We experience more peace and happiness in our lives.

What’s the Catch?

It sounds too easy right?  How can anything so simple make a real difference?  Try it for yourself now. 
Just follow along with the video below.

Start Today

What you just experienced is a small step toward the freedom you need in your life.  We’re here to help you find that freedom and make it a way of life.  Schedule a free Consult now.