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April News

Life at Bhakti House is starting to get exciting.  There’s more attendance at our weekly classes, the hour-long classes on Monday and Thursday @ 7pm are especially popular.

We have had such amazing feedback on the Sadhana of Prana weekend retreat that we have expanded it by one day.  Sign up now for Who Are you?  A Weekend of Yoga and Discovery.  You can check out the flyer here or jump over to the registration page.

We are also very happy to announce the opening of our Recovery Program, Pathways to Freedom.  Yoga changes lives.  Our Pathway to Freedom programs give you the tools you need to not only recover but live free of the challenges and struggles you face.  Read more . . . .

Important dates

April 21:  Community Yoga Nidra, 7pm
April 26-29Who Are You? Weekend retreat
May 6:  Satsang, 7pm
May 19:  Community Yoga Nidra, 7pm

Bhakti House Blog

Guru-Disciple Relationship

Yesterday I didn’t start with this important instruction:  Do not, under any circumstances, believe what you are about to read.  Instead, investigate it yourself.  Determine, through your own reasoning and experience, whether it’s true. The guru-disciple relationship is a hot button topic.  People have such strong feelings about it.  For some, it seems cult-like.  Others …


Last weekend we held our “Who Are You?” weekend retreat.  Every time I get to take part in this retreat, I feel awestruck as I watch the changes in people unfold right before my eyes.  One question that came from the retreat was about gurus.  This question comes up again and again and I could …


“What do you want to be when you grow up?”  It’s a question we all know.  Now that you’ve grown up, what are you?  Are you a mother or father; a doctor, lawyer or teacher?  Are you a girlfriend/boyfriend, husband or wife?  We’re so focused on the labels we carry around that they become our identities.  Who are you underneath all the labels?  Who are you without all the stories you tell yourself about yourself?  Do you know?

This four day retreat uncovers who you are but that’s just the first night!  The next three days help you tune in to the real you.  As you refine that inner attunement, your life transforms from one of struggle to a life of meditation in motion.

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