If it doesn't change your life,
it's not yoga.

Yogi Amrit Desai

We begin where other yogas hope to end.


Living Yoga 
Letting Life Work For You

Although we aren’t offering typical weekly classes at Bhakti House yet, Ramdas is providing on-going support through the Living Yoga program.

What is the Living Yoga program and how would you know if it’s for you?

● If yesterday was a bad day, does it tend to also make today a bad day?
● Do events from weeks, months or even years ago seem to interupt living your life NOW?
● Do your unmet expectations of yourself, others, the world or even the future seem to control your life through frustration or even anxiety?
● Does your health—physical, mental, emotional—seem to control your life?

If you answered yes, the Living Yoga program will give you tools and techniques that allow you to access the body’s natural intelligence to live free of these challenges.  They don’t necessarily disappear but they no longer have power to control you.

Anyone at any age, size and shape can do it, making it accessible to all.  It is especially useful to the lifestyle of busy people.  The focus of the program is to not just learn these tools and techniques but to take them off the mat for use in everyday life.

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