Something Great About Being Late

So, Tuesday night I arrived late to teach at the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork (map).  If you know me, then you know that being late is a form of stealing and is one of my cardinal rules for class:  No Stealing.  What was so important that I felt it was worth arriving late?  As a side note, I want to thank Judy again for stepping up to lead the class until I arrived.

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November Satsang: Who Are You?

Jai Bhagwan and good morning!  First, Ramdas wants to thank those of you who attended satsang in person last night.  Your presence is a vital part of what satsang is.  Without you, it’s just Ramdas flapping his gums!  Not to mention all the chai and cake he then has to eat alone.  If you couldn’t attend, missed the broadcast, or just prefer to read instead of watch a video, here’s a quick review of last night’s get together.

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