Guru-Disciple Relationship

Yesterday I didn’t start with this important instruction:  Do not, under any circumstances, believe what you are about to read.  Instead, investigate it yourself.  Determine, through your own reasoning and experience, whether it’s true. The guru-disciple relationship is a hot button topic.  People have such strong feelings about it.  For some, it seems cult-like.  Others … Continue reading Guru-Disciple Relationship



Last weekend we held our “Who Are You?” weekend retreat.  Every time I get to take part in this retreat, I feel awestruck as I watch the changes in people unfold right before my eyes.  One question that came from the retreat was about gurus.  This question comes up again and again and I could … Continue reading Guru

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Something Great About Being Late

Announcement! We’re offering a new class in a new location!


November Satsang: Who Are You?

Jai Bhagwan and good morning!  First, Ramdas wants to thank those of you who attended satsang in person last night.  Your presence is a vital part of what satsang is.  Without you, it’s just Ramdas flapping his gums!  Not to mention all the chai and cake he then has to eat alone.  If you couldn’t … Continue reading November Satsang: Who Are You?


Welcome to Bhakti House!

Welcome to Bhakti House! What is Bhakti House? What is Bhakti? Do you still teach yoga? Answers to these questions and more!