Personal Services

All personal services are available at Bhakti House, in your home or online via Skype.

The Benefits
Benefits of Personal Yoga Services
Yoga is so popular because of the many benefits it offers.  That also means it’s normal for people new to yoga to feel intimidated by it.  Should you focus on postures or breath or meditation?  Personalized services can relieve any sense of intimidation or uncertainty.

Personalized services can also help those who’ve been practicing yoga for years.  New students may need help to navigate all yoga has to offer.  As an established practitioner, you may need help in a specific area of practice that regular classes don’t cover.  One-on-one sessions are also a great way to expand your understanding of yoga.

Learn the classic postures.  Focus on how to change postures to fit your body or learn how to use specific postures to strengthen your body.

A vital part of yoga is mental discipline.  Personal sessions can help you increase your own mental discipline through postures, breathwork, meditation and other practices.  Regular classes rarely focus on the mental uses of these tools that are specific to you; so, workshops, retreats and personal sessions are the best way to focus on the mental benefits of yoga.

Yoga helps us feel the sensations of the body including emotions we may have been avoiding.  It’s normal to experience emotional releases—crying, laughing, even bursts of anger—during a regular class.  As we say, “these walls have seen it all” but sometimes one-on-one sessions make working through such emotions easier.

More than a physical exercise, more than a mental discipline, yoga is a spiritual discipline and practice.  Private sessions are ideal for freeing yourself from past trauma, habits and addictions.  They can help you find freedom from fear, anger, depression and anxiety.

Available Services
We encourage you to schedule a free chai with Ramdas.  This is a time to connect with Ramdas and review your yoga practice.  Together, you’ll explore how to deepen your practice and whether any of our personal services would benefit you.

Schedule chai with Ramdas.

Personal Yoga Classes
Use personal yoga classes to refine your ability to do postures or work on postures that cause you problems.  This is also a great time to learn how to modify postures for your body or develop a home practice.  These classes can also help you manage life in times of stress or unease.

Personal yoga classes can focus on postures, breathwork (pranayama) or Meditation in Motion.

Personal yoga classes may be scheduled for small private groups—church and youth groups, family gatherings, school functions, etc.—some private groups may qualify to receive free services.  For free services or large groups (20 or more people), please contact our program director.

Personal Yoga Nidra
Personalize yoga nidra sessions allow you and the facilitator to target each session to your specific needs.  Everyone loves yoga nidra, personal yoga nidra supercharges this powerful practice.

As noted above, personal yoga nidra is also available for small private groups.  For free services or large groups (20 or more people), please contact our program director.

Prana Yoga—3 session minimum
The body and mind use bioelectrical energy to function.  In yogics terms, this energy is called Prana.  Prana Yoga sessions are designed to work with and release Prana that’s frozen in the body but what does that mean?

Every day we experience tensions and any tension that isn’t balanced by relaxation becomes stress.  That stress can become locked in the body and can show up as something as common as a tension headache.  The same is true of emotions when we bury or ignore them.  Unlike stress, buried emotion can be the root cause of anxiety, depression and trauma.  Trying to escape stress, anxiety, depression or trauma leads to addiction.

Prana yoga techniques help release frozen Prana regardless of its root source (stress, emotion, traumatic experiences, etc.)  The techniques we use are Energetic Diffusion, Polarity Integration and Interactive Yoga Nidra.

Mentoring—5 session minimum
Having a mentor can help you both through learning from your mentor and by making yourself accountable to your mentor.  Mentorship availability is very limited.

Recordings of your personal classes/sessions are available for an extra fee.

Services @ Bhakti House or via Skype, $60/hour

Services in your home, $75/hour + Commute time

Commute time

  • First 15 minutes, free
  • 15+ minutes, $10/15 minutes
  • A 30 minute commute would be $10.
  • A 40 minute commute would be $20.

Commute times determined using Waze.  You can estimate commute time by following the link to the Waze Live Map and clicking the “Get Directions” button.

Fees must be paid in full prior to services

Schedule Services
Chai with Ramdas (free).

To schedule all other personal services, please email our
services coordinator; alternately, text or call 801.251.6242.

To schedule a large group session, email our
program director.