At Bhakti House our selection of class offerings continues to expand.

Weekly Classes

Traditional Yoga – 60 or 90 Minutes

“Using yoga just for exercise is like using an airplane as a car.” ~Ramdas  This class returns yoga to its roots as an internal discipline rather than just another exercise class.  Traditional Hatha Yoga postures combine with mindfulness and meditative awareness to create a dynamic meditation practice.  One of the many benefits of this practice is developing the skill to break your reactive habits and patterns.

Guided Meditation – 60 Minutes

Also known as Yoga Nidra or the Yoga of Sleep, this guided meditation requires no previous experience and takes you to the deepest levels of relaxation and peace.  If this is your first time experiencing Yoga Nidra, please read the following pages:  What is Yoga Nidra?  Set An Intention.

Breath & Meditation – 30 Minutes

Change your breath, change your experience.  You breathe all day, every day.  Using breath as an intentional entry into meditation changes breath into a meditative tool that you can use at any time and in any place.  This helps you bring the power of meditation into every moment of everyday life.

Meditative Yoga – 90 Minutes

Meditative Yoga requires some prior experience with Yoga.  Having a regular practice teaches you how to begin breaking reactive patterns but once you stop knee jerk reactions, then what?  Meditative Yoga answers this question.  This practice refines your attunement to the natural intuition of the body.  This attunement, in turn, allows you to follow the natural ebb and flow of life rather than having to always struggle through life.


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